Our Daily Bean; the fuel of A’QUA Swim

We here at A’QUA Swim drink a lot of coffee. We mean A LOT. It fuels us through design sessions, hours of sewing, all day photoshoots, and so much more. Each sip is moment to savor.  

In the remote highlands of 9th century Abyssinia, now Ethiopia, a lone goatherd named Kaldi noticed his goats were full of energy, dancing and prancing, after eating a small red fruit from a nearby shrub. Not wishing to be left out of the fun, he ate the cherries and soon he was dancing too. According to legend, Kaldi and his goats had discovered coffee. This is where Batdorf and Bronson’s Dancing Goats house blend gets it’s name

Dancing Goats is perfect in our home espresso machine but also lends itself to drip coffee or pour-overs.

Dark, smooth, and sweet, with a beautiful floral aroma; Dancing Goats has an exceptionally clean acidity with a heavy, nutty body. Its complexity makes for both a flavorful espresso with rich, rusty reddish-brown crema, as well as an excellent drip coffee.

While this is our favorite and one of the most approachable coffees we consume, Batdorf and Bronson features a wide array of roasts to comfort or challenge your palette.

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