5 Best Environmentally Friendly Sunscreens

5 Best Environmentally Friendly Sunscreens

Y’all, I know don’t if you’ve heard, but humans cause a lot of problems in the natural world. One that we didn’t foresee is how our use of sunscreen, to protect ourselves from the sol’s harmful UV rays, could be hugely environmentally detrimental. Sorry, reefs.

And though we’ve already done quite a lot of damage in the 100 or so years we’ve used harmful sunscreens, what we’ve seen through the power of the current pandemic is, when life is given a chance to restore itself, it can. To help aid that healing, it’s time you switch your sunscreen to something more environmentally friendly and that’s where we come in. 

Obviously, there are loads of products that offer less harmful chemicals, but which ones are the best at what they’re intended to do, as well as protecting Dory and her pal, Nemo? Here’s our five best environmentally friendly sunscreens. 

Kokua Sun Care Hawaiian SPF 50 Natural Zinc Sunscreen ($30)

Kokua is reef-safe and is made of natural zinc and blended with a variety of native Hawaiian botanicals to ensure your skin remains hydrated and looking radiant for years to come. No leather here.


Raw Love SPF 35 ($18)

All-natural, this sunscreen wants you protected, tanned, and keeping Maui’s reef safe. You’ll earn bonus points with your kids for that. And since it’s concentrated, having a similar consistency of hair gel, a little goes a long way.


Art of Sport Skin Armor ($12)

Are you a volleyballer? Pro surfer hitting Bonzai? Well, have we got the perfect sunscreen for you. Made for athletes, Art of Sport’s Skin Armor is rated at SPF 50 and lasts for up to 80 minutes. It’s also water-proof, environmentally friendly, and tough enough for whatever mountain you decide to conquer. 


Soleil Organic Sheer Sunscreen ($32)

Aerosols are terrible for the environment. Whether that’s the chemical residue on your skin damaging the oceans or the particulates they send into the Ozone layers. Soleil’s is fully biodegradable and won’t harm either. It comes in SPF 30. 


Sun Bum ($15)

Sun Bum is now everywhere, which is perfect because unlike its common competitors, Sun Bum is reef-friendly and the company doesn’t test its products on animals. Win, win!

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